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hat viruses do not discriminate and everyone is at risk. "It w??ould be tragic if stigma, fueled by the coronavirus, led Asia's young p??eople to retT



reat from international campuses, curtailing their own educ??ation, reducing their own and others' opportunities and leaving researc??h worse off ju0

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st when the world is relying on it to find a way out. "C??oronavirus stigma must stop now," the journal said.KUALA LUMPUR, March 1 -- Muhyiddin Ya8

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ssin, a former deputy?? prime minister, took the oath of office on Sunday to bec??ome MaQ

laysia's new prime minister. Muhyiddin was appointe??d following the abrupt resignation of 94-year-old Mahathi??r Mohamad, who had been in office since the gen4

that univ8

eral elect??ions in 2018. TV live-broadcast showed that Muhyiddin, we??aring traditional Malay clothes,1

pledged to serve the cou??ntry and the people well before Malaysia's King Sultan Ab??dullah Sultan Ahmad Shah at the national palace. The cere??mony was attended by Muhyiddin's political allies. Muhyid??din, 72, had served as deputy prime minister un1

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der former?? Prime Minister Najib Razak b

from 2009 to 2015. He later c??o-founded Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Pj

PBM) with Maha??thir and served as its president, joining the Pakatan Har??apan (PHF

) coalition to win the general electH

ion in 2018. ??He served as home minister in Mahathir's cabinet. On the f

??same day of Mahathir's abrupt resignation on Feb. 24, Muh??yiddin announced as pad

rty president that PPBM is pulling ?k

?out of the PH coalition, costing its majority in the lowe??r house of pw

arliament. Muhyiddin later won support from m??ajor opposition including the Barisa4

n Nasional led by the?? United Malays Na6

tional Organization (UMNO) and became a ??leading candidate as prime minis8

ter. In a statement on Sa??turday, the national palace said that Sultan Abdullah feM

l??t Muhyiddin might command majority in 1

the lower house of ??parliament, hence agreeing to appoint him as prime mi8

nist??er in accordance with the constitution. However, Mahathir??, who again becameS

PH's candidate for prime minister ey

arl??ier Saturday, unveiled a list of some 115 members of parl??iament (Ml

P) whom he said support him to be prime minister??, hence that he command the majort